Mongo-Express-React-Node : My MERN Stack

Prerequisites (for Windows)

npm install -g node-gyp
(as administrator) npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


  • Axios : Like fetch() but it works everywhere, processes your json and detect 400 errors
npm install --save axios


  • express-generator : easy setup of express environment
  • body-parser : parse the incoming requests bodies for the info we are sending (allows access to req.body)
  • nodemon : watches our server.js file for changes, then restarts it.
  • mongoose : Allows easy interaction with a MongoDB
npm install -g express-generator
npm install -g nodemon
npm install express body-parser nodemon mongoose --save


  • create-react-app : My go-to boilerplate
  • Axios : (Yes here too!)
  • StoryBook : Author your components in a standalone environment
  • Jest : “delightful” javascript testing



I haven’t tried MobX yet, but I am eager to see what it can do.


  • Compass – Essential for visualizing your data and tables