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Connecting to your WordPress Database with phpMyAdmin from an OSX Remote Machine

If you are using a Bitnami WordPress (multisite) stack like I am, your web-based database phpMyAdmin is setup by default to only be accessible if you are on the same machine (IP address of

So in order to get access remotely, you have to trick your machine into thinking you are local.  Thankfully there is some documentation on how to do all of this… but the following is a succinct summary.

  1. Beforehand, setup your .pem keyfile in your keychain, or add -i path/to/your.pem in the following ssh command.
  2. In Terminal, type ssh -N -L 8888:
    • Unfortunately, when this command runs successfully, there is no text shown.. 
  3. In a web browser, go to
  4. The default credentials for a Bitnami stack are “root” and a password of “bitnami”

When you are done, you can just kill your SSH connection with a Control-C.

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