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Old Reliable vs Bleeding Edge : WordPress CMS to Ghost CMS

A new client of mine wants to re-brand their existing website, and I’m excited about it!  They are in the industry, they have hired other very capable freelancers to work with me, and they have a clear view of their goal.

We were talking together about how we wanted to serve the web content.  We could make a static site, but it’s not flexible enough for the client to edit on their own. We could use a CMS, but we aren’t interested in a blog (yet!) and only want web pages.

Blogs make great non-blogs!

Using a blog engine these days doesn’t mean that you are actually making a blog anymore.  Wordpress has introduced for a while, the concept of a static “homepage”.

So, Do we want to use WordPress?

Yes and No.  Wordpress I know how to use (though I’m not very fluent in PHP), and it has a ton of support for themes (but we want to start with a barebones theme anyway) and it’s got a lot of widgets and libraries (that we don’t really use).

I asked myself, do i want to use all this infrastructure to make a light-weight, fast website?

Then my hero Jeff Atwood (of Stack Overflow fame) wrote recently that he’d changed his own blog over to Ghost. I also had been starting to work with Node.js framework recently, and when I googled “Node.js CMS” Ghost came up prominently!

Destined to be haunted…

Ghost is fast, really lightweight, and very much focussed on posts and pages and blogs and THAT’S IT.  My only really big problem was I was going to need a static page as the home page and Ghost version 0.4.1 supports pages, but not a page as the root page! 🙁

Ghosts are transparent!

Hey but it’s all good! All the code in ghost is non-compiled and you cna hack away at anything you want… so i fiddled with the routing and controllers a little and BOOM!  Static page for a homepage!

Lets go!

So my next exploration is : Hosting this baby on AWS using a Bitnami image and making sure this is going to work!